The application process to exhibit on D-Dagen 2019 contains three steps:


The first step is to fill out the interest form. After the form is submitted you will receive an email informing you if you have received a spot at the fair. If you have been allocated a spot, an agreement will be attached in the email.

Unfortunately the form for this year's fair is closed. You can apply for D-Dagen 2020 here and we will contact you next spring.


The next step is to sign the contract (including the order information form), scan it within three (3) weeks and send it to d‑[email protected] with the title “Contract D-Dagen 2019 - [Company name]”. Please note that if we do not receive the contract within 3 weeks from the date the contract is sent, your spot in the fair will be removed.


During the last step you will receive a signed contract from D-Dagen within 2 weeks from the date we received the contract. The application process is thus completed.



Price: 25 000 kr

Additional orders


It is possible to host company events together with D-Dagen. Please contact us on [email protected] for more information.

What happens after the application?

You will be contacted by us by July 1st at the latest. This email contains information about whether or not you have received a spot on the fair on October 10th 2019. If you have received a spot on the fair, the email will have a contract attached which you need to sign and sent back to us within 3 weeks from the day the email is sent. Information regarding the fair and the possibilities for extra orders will be sent out during a later stage. It is important that contracts and forms be filled out within the given time periods, or you will risk losing your spot on the fair.

Invoices will be sent by September 9th 2019 by the latest. Before this date, information regarding shipments must be submitted. By the end of september, the companies which are to exhibit on the fair will be contacted by D-Dagen with more detailed information regarding the fair.


The Sales Team

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Simone de Blasio

Project Leader for D-Dagen

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The Event Team

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