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Work with us on D‑DAGEN 2019

We are currently searching for excited coworkers who want to join us in D-Dagen 2019! Working at D-Dagen means many things. You will be able to network with company representatives present at the fair, create a unique experience, but above all it is incredibly fun! Read more about the roles below and make your application here. The application closes the 15th of September 2019.

Business Host

You will be assigned two businesses that you will have extra responsibility for during the fair. You will be D-Dagen's contact person for these businesses and help their representatives find their deliveries, site at the fair and solve any problems should they arise.

Lounge Host

You will be working in D-Dagen's lounge in META serving cookies, coffee and lunch to the business representatives. Make sure the companies feel welcomed at D-Dagen, and that everyone who is working have refreshments available.

Task Force

You will be working as a problem solver during the fair. Examples of tasks that may arise are moving tables, help with deliveries, tape down carpets, etc. The superheroes of D-Dagen.


Take pictures of and document the fair for the coming year. You will require a camera of your own, as we can't assure you we can provide one.


The Sales Team

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Victor Sellstedt
Simone de Blasio

Project Leader for D-Dagen

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The Event Team

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